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All photos in this article were, kindly, granted by Michael Jung
" I like to win! Everybody likes to win!"
Cit. Michael Jung

We  have contacted the “ super-record man of eventing”, the German rider Michael Jung,   on the phone,  while he was at Ommen's jumping contest and waited for the Grand Prix.
Humble, helpful, simple and sympathetic just like  the "big champions" are ,  that never pose barriers as they speak. It strucks  us for security in mind and words, for strength and calm seraphic.
A great emotion and reason for pride to have talked to him. Here's what he said ...

 You was , last  week end,in Holland for a jumping competition. Is this part of the preparation for Europeans ? As ever great results for you. Doesn’t it?
I really like the show jumping and I have mane pure show jumping horses so I try to participate to few very good  jumping competitions that I plan. I have had in this day good results. My horse are in a good form I am looking forward the Grand Prix of Sunday. I hope we are a little bit lucky”

Meanwhile you are  at the CSI **** of Ommen, the mare “Rocana” – destined for the European championship- what does she do? Who rides her?
She is doing her normal training at home!”
"Rocana is very good in all three disciplines...
this is the reason why she wins many competitions"
Cit. Michael Jung

Can you describe , to the best, personality and the abilities of Rocana?
She is a very good horse in the dressage;  she is also very fast and has a bit experience in cross country. I think she is ready and suitable for the championship and she is lovely in show jumping, too. I think this is the reason why she wins many competitions! She is very good in all the three disciplines”
Rocana good in dressage, fast in cross,
lovely in show jumping!

You are a record man in the story of the eventing. The press defines you as “an alien” of this sport. Simple question: are you going to win another European Championship after Rio?
“ (He laughs a lot, ndr) I hope so, I hope so!!! Is a new Championship, is a new game. I think everybody is ready and prepared for this, so it will be a very tough  competition and you need also a bit of luck,  and you have to be very very concentrate, very good in all three disciplines, and everything works one hundred percent. A little mistake somewhere , I think, you have no chance to win. “

Which are you expectations for this Championship of Strzegom?
“ I hope that we can win one of the medals.”

Do you like to win?
“Yes, sure! I think that everybody likes to win!”

"This photo shows the great heart  of Rocana"...
Cit. Michael Jung

Germany , I think, is the strongest team. What are the other teams to keep an eye on? And for individual medal, who is the rider to beat?
“I think that France is a really good team and there are many good riders , many good horses. Regarding individual  medal, I’m not really sure, it depends on which horses  they are bringing  to  European Championship. There are also other tough competitions after that, Burghley for example, so it depends a lot on the horses that have been chosen for the Championship, I repeat! “

What do you think about Strzegom cross country field. Somebody could, too simple, says that it is easy because it is all flat. What do you think?
“ That’s true! It is a flat course not very hilly so for the condition of the horses , maybe, not so difficult but I think it will be a cross course   with technical difficulties. It will be a tough competition!”
 Record man of eventing, the "alien of this sport"...
Michael is humble, helpful, simple and sympathetic just like  the "big champions" are !

How did you prepare to this point with your eventing horse?
“ I think we are in a very good plan, the horse is very good. I am happy with the preparation!”

For “Michael Jung” every thing is easy?
“ Oh, no! Every thing is in the plan! We have no  many problems with the health or with the condition or something else. We have good training, good preparation with the last competitions. This is what I meant. I am reassured by the good work”
" The relationship with my horses is built on trust...
This gives us security"
Cit. Michael Jung

Your great calm and your high-security, are an innate gift or the result  of a work on the mind?
The horses  such as Sam , Rocana , Takinou …   are with me  for many years . Our  relationship is built on trust , this gives us  both security, confidence, goodwill”

After Europeans, which are the competition programs for the end of the season?
“ I think I will go to Burghley (31 august to 3 september) with my horse “Sam” and we have another competition until we are going to Strzegom , I think, with few horses. And I think it would be the end for the season”
Jung and "Sam":
"I will go to Burghley with my horse Sam" Cit.Michael Jung
The fantastic pair in the photo by Ingo Waechter Images

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